The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward

Washington, D.C.

Testified in Court in the Following Cases:

Brooks Durwell Cavin v. Crestar Bank, N.A., F29-92 (DC)

Bardyl Tirana for Plaintiff; Stephen E. Baril for Defendant
Employed by Stephen E. Baril.
Question: Propriety of computing trustees fees on market value of undivided parcel of unimproved land and paying same fee to co-trustee. Testified May 11, 1994. Case taken under advisement. Decision for beneficiaries. reversed In Re Estate of Cavin, 728 A.2d 92 (DC 1999)

Anthony L. Ray, et al v. Thomas H. Queen, CA :96-7437 (DC)

Engaged by Thomas H. Queen
Question of attorney malpractice in advice to personal representative in distributing tort damage proceeds. Testified October 27, 2004; jury verdict for Defense.

Estate of Corsetti

Michael McGovern for Plaintiff
Lois Goodman for Defendants
Question of malpractice in estate planning an undue influence. Engaged by Defendants to provide opinion on standard of care. Testified March 13, 2006. Decision for Defendants.

Estate of Ruth Faye Bernstein Adm. No. 340-99

Glenn M. Cooper for Dr. Burtoff
Stephen G. Cochran for David Albert, Personal Representative
Question of malpractice by Personal Representative. Testified May 22, 2006
Court ruled mostly for Dr. Burtoff; reversed on appeal. 3 A.d 337 (D.C. 2010)