Reviews on The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward

I first met Mr. Ward in 1979, and am privileged to have him as my counsel of record in a matter currently pending in D.C. Probate court. Even in 1979, he was ever so mindful of my needs and guided us (my family and me) in completing the needed probate process in D.C. Probate Court in a different matter, in the least amount of time needed statutorily, and with the least (if any, thanks to his guidance) amount of headaches. Once the matter was completed, we lost direct contact, but I followed his work with great interest and when the need arose for me to retain counsel in the present matter, my choice was clear. He enjoys a well deserved, hard earned and stellar reputation which speaks well for both the exceptional professional and kind human being which my experience of many years has shown him to be. He is well respected by his peers and highly admired by his clients who have come to rely on his skill, experience, life's wisdom and deep understanding. How I wish it were possible, somehow, to try to inculcate in others in our profession the high level of ethics and rectitude of conduct and competence reflected in Mr. Ward's attending zealously to his client's concerns. If it is probate in D.C., it has to be Nicholas D. Ward, Esq.


Nicholas Ward is the best of the best.


Nicholas D. Ward successfully resolved on our behalf an extremely complex estate with international ramifications. We had been told, on good authority, that Mr. Ward was the best in his profession in Washington, DC. Indeed, he is. His deep knowledge and experience, combined with his calm wisdom and guidance were essential. We have the greatest respect and admiration for Mr. Ward and will always turn to him for help in all estate matters. We recommend him wholeheartedly .


Mr. Ward provided legal services to me and my family for approximately seven years. I hold him in high regard both as a lawyer and a human being. When my parents became ill and infirm, he assisted me with a variety of legal issues pertaining to their financial and living conditions. At every stage, not only did he offer excellent advice but he was also tremendously compassionate. Nothing but a 5-star rating for me!