The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward

Washington, D.C.

Consulted as Expert in the Following:

Old Republic Surety Co. v. Judy L. Feinberg (DC)

Employed by Paul Becker of Eccleston and Wolf for Defense in 1995.
Question of attorney's duties regarding establishment of joint control bank account with guardian of minor

Ida K. Heid v. Michael R. McAdoo ,CA 92-2155 (DC)

Employed by Tracy A. Cannon of Jordan, Coyne Savits for defendant.
Question of attorney liability for alleged non-supervision of co-trustee who stole assets from trust.

Ciulla v. West & Feinberg CA 95-9736 (DC)

Employed by John A. Franken, Eccleston and Wolf for the defendants in 1996.
Question of attorney liability for failure to examine client assets in estate planning, more particularly whether attorney in preparing qualified plan beneficiary designation had obligation to examine plan documents which if he had would have disclosed participant had withdrawn funds from plan and opened an IRA account.

Peerless Insurance Co. v. Pearson Liddell, Jr CA 2221-96 (DC)

Employed by John A. Franken for the defendant in 1997.
Question of attorney liability to surety when serving under joint control with fiduciary for fiduciary's defalcations.

Smith's Estate v. Landsman (DC)

Employed by John A. Whitney for plaintiff in 1993.
Question of attorney's liability for untimely filing of federal estate tax return and omission of personal injury recovery from return.

McGowan v. Snowden (DC)

Consulted for employment by Lawrence H. Schwartz for the plaintiff in 1995.
Question of attorney liability for erroneous advice in connection with estate settlement.

Estate of Charlotte Talbot, Admn. No. 349-97 (DC)

Employed by Craig Brodsky to provide advice with regard to whether actions of Donald Hoage as personal representative were negligent.

Estate of Katherine G. Koessler (Buffalo, N.Y.)

Employed by David N. Webster for John E. Haslinger to provide advice as to whether attorney for personal representative provided negligent advice.

Estate of Mendelson in Montgomery Co, MD

Employed by Brian L. Schwalb on behalf of fiduciaries to render advice as to whether investments were within reason for fiduciaries given the objectives of the beneficiaries.

In Re: Estate of Benjamin Land, INTVP No. 30-97 (DC)

Kenneth Loewinger, Special Master, Pamela J. Bethel for Deborah D. Boddie, conservator.
Employed by conservator to provide affidavits on procedure for selling real estate in decedent's estates before 1994, and to explain why action in selling in this case was not a breach of fiduciary duty. Decision against personal representative September 17, 2002.

George Ray Lewis v. Wilkes Artis, Chartered, CV 631-03

John Perazich for the Plaintiff
Paul J. Maloney for the Defendant
Engaged by Defendant to provide opinion on standard of care in drafting a Crummey power trust in June 1983. Defendant's motion for summary judgment granted.

Estate of Walter McCollough v. Gerald Solomon

Christopher McNally for Mr. Solomon
Engaged by Mr. McNally to provide advice on Mr. Solomon’s role as attorney for the Personal Representative. 2001,

Estate of Guri Maxwell v. Estate of Lloyd Inglehart, 2014 LIT 46

Kimberly K. Fahrenholz for the Plaintiff
Engaged by Ms. Fahrenholz to provide the standard of care for a personal representative who has a residence to sell and whether Mr. Inglehart met that standard in his administration of the estate.