Wills and Trusts

Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward, Washington D.C.

While it might be the last thing that you want to think about estate planning is an important step to take in order to protect your family and assets. When it comes to estate planning every case is different. To ensure that your last wishes are carried out as desired partner with an estate planning attorney. The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward will work with you every step of the estate planning process to ensure that your wishes are meant. A major component of your estate is your will. It is important that you take the time to sit down to create a will that accurately represent your wishes. A alternative is to create a trust which can function as a will substitute.

Create a trust

A trust is a document that goes into effect once you create it. There are many ways in which a trust can be created either during your life time or at your death. Not everyone who needs to have a will needs to have a trust. Trust created during one’s lifetime can function as asset holder for your dotage as well as a will substitute. When you create a trust you can customize exactly how and when you want assets to pass to beneficiaries. The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward in Washington D.C. can help you come up with the best action plan.

Create a will

A will is a document that goes into effect after you die. While it might be hard to think about things like this it is important that your family and assets are protected. When you create a will you should consider things such as:

• Who will be the executor of the will?
• Who will I name guardians for my children and my property?
• How will my debts and taxes be paid?
• What will happen to my property?

Ensure that you have a plan and create a will today. Schedule an appointment with the Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward.