Estate Law Made Easy in Washington, D.C.

Estate Law Made Easy in Washington, D.C.

Our areas of practice

The Law Office of Nicholas D. Ward handles all areas of estate law. Whether you’re just getting started or want to make changes to current estate plans, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands.

1) Estate planning

Planning for the future is key no matter your age or the extent of your assets. Estate planning ensures that you and your family’s affairs remain secure. Every person’s situation is different, that’s why you should retain an experienced attorney to create an estate planning solution that fits your needs. Protect your assets now and in the future by turning to Nicholas D. Ward for help. Attorney Ward will:

• Work with you to develop a plan that aligns with future goals
• Make suggestions on how to divide up an estate
• Offer advice on how to have assets titled
• Determine which assets are best to give away
• Collaborate with other professionals, including accountants and investment advisors
• Write your will
• Establish your trust
• Assist with charitable planning
• Help navigate various tax saving scenarios such as Charitable Remainder and Lead Trusts, Generation Skipping Trusts, and Qualified Domestic Trusts when the surviving spouse is not a U.S. citizen.

2) Estate administration

We will not only help you come up with a plan for your future but also work to make sure the plan is adhered to. As the estate administrator (personal representative) or attorney for the same, Nicholas D. Ward will:

• Notify interested persons of their rights in regard to the estate
• Collect assets, including those forgotten by the decedent
• Pay bills and put all potential creditors on notice of when their right to payment may be barred
• Select an advantageous fiscal year to reduce taxes
• Distribute your assets in satisfaction of legacies
• Assist family members in navigating legal matters after loss

3) Trust administration

Establishing a trust ensures that your beneficiaries have security after you’ve passed. Our goal is to provide legal advice on establishing a trust and also help make sure that it’s properly conceived and handled. Protect yourself and your loved ones by hiring an attorney with over 45 years of experience in trust administration.

4) Litigation

In some cases, matters of the estate or trust must be taken to court. Many estate planning law offices will not take these types of cases to court. As a litigator with 45 years of experience, Nicholas D. Ward will be there to fight on your behalf if the need arises, whether in defense of a will or a challenge to its validity or construction. Nicholas D. Ward has experience in all of these matters.

If you are the beneficiary of an estate or trust and you do not think the personal representative or trustee is protecting your interest, call for an appointment. Nicholas D. Ward has the experience to advise you on your best course of action. If you are in interested person and believe that the decedent’s will may be for any reason invalid and you wish to contest the will, call Nicholas D. Ward – an attorney with abundant experience in these matters. If you are the personal representative or trustee and a creditor or interested person is challenging your conduct, call Nicholas D. Ward. He may be able to counsel you to your advantage.

5) Expert Witness

Nicholas D. Ward has been qualified and accepted as an expert witness in numerous trust and estate cases, both for the plaintiff and the defendant. He has also been an expert witness in attorney disciplinary cases, in one of which the Court of Appeals quoted his testimony. In Re: Carrie L. Fair, 780 A.2d 1106 (D.C. 2001)

6) Probate

Nicholas D. Ward used to run a probate division of the court. Therefore, he is well versed in the entire probate process. Probate is the legal process which one goes through to prove that one's will is indeed their last will in testament.